Do Good Things - Driven by TCG


Spreading Good into the Universe

Do Good Things is the non-profit organization founded by the ChartGuys, and powered by the contributions of our followers and all those who seek to bring good, truth and balance to the world.

We accept donations from all and redirect all funds toward causes that help our fellow man/woman.

Please Donate to:

BTC: 3MfAEtroTVaeT1GpPf29v7f6qb3kzLKRo2

ETH: 0x4c01Cc580aE05379F8e7a94d733933ef69c264a3

LTC: M7yQL6tuQqM2G8osjgfswqPysH9bG6TXWG

BCH: qpp760h9lsqucc5pgj69y48mq0kh6l7yv56dzrrme4

USDC: 0x0e2c45B9C06556c1BC64fa42f4037449E919455F

All profits from Merchandise sold is held directly in the Non Profit, as are all donations/contributions made to the Do Good Things movement.