Doing Good Things

Since The Chart Guys inception in 2015 we have strived to separate ourselves from those in the same field with a revolutionary new concept… be ourselves. We prefer goats to fancy cars, and family to fancy clothes and jewelry.

This message has resonated with hundreds of thousands of people around the world and has led to the creation of the DoGood Things movement.

It seems like a simple phrase, but if we consciously take the time and make the effort to be our best and help others on a daily basis, those ripples spread and can touch the lives of countless people, in many different ways.

Toward this goal we have created the Do Good Things Foundation, a non-profit corporation registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada.,  We are extremely happy and humbled to finally be able to accept donations or any other form of assistance.  If you wish to donate via please do so with the following information. 

Please Donate to:
BTC: 3MfAEtroTVaeT1GpPf29v7f6qb3kzLKRo2
ETH: 0x4c01Cc580aE05379F8e7a94d733933ef69c264a3
LTC: M7yQL6tuQqM2G8osjgfswqPysH9bG6TXWG
 BCH: qpp760h9lsqucc5pgj69y48mq0kh6l7yv56dzrrme4

In the spirit of ethics, truth and accountability all funds will be held in public wallets.  From there we will look to involve the community in selecting how the funds are distributed and utilized through a voting system. All transactions will be made public and fully transparent.